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What is Geocaching?  Geocaching (Pronounced Geo-cashing) is like a modern day treasure hunt.  Basically a hidden cache is found using coordinates and a GPS (Global Positioning System) unit.  A cache is usually a water tight container that will have small trinkets and a log book.  The cache's coordinates are posted on a website and entered in a GPS.  You use the GPS and posted clues to locate the cache.  Once it is discovered the person can trade items, sign the logbook, and then post their find on the website.  Sometimes a cache will have a travel bug inside.  A travel bug is a item that has an identification tag so it can be tracked through the website.  Most travel bugs will have a mission or goal like to travel from coast to coast or even around the world.  When one is found it is suppose to be moved along to another cache.  After it moves around enough hopefully one day it will complete it's mission. 

Donna and I have been Geocaching for a couple of years now and believe Alex would have enjoyed it too.  Geocaching is a family activity so we thought it would be a good way to educate about Meningococcal Meningitis.  We have two caches and three travel bugs of our own in Alex's name.  The bugs will have a Meningitis awareness bracelet and a card with information about our website.  The caches will have a story about Alex telling how great he really was and how much we miss having him around to make us laugh.

If you are interested in this family sport and would like more information go to www.geocaching.com.

Follow the links below to see our Caches

Alex’s Series #1– Story Telling (GC1AV5X)

Alex's Series #2 - WSQ Sunset Ridge (GC1BHRV)  (Alex's marker is located at N42 35.972 W087 53.052)

Follow the links below to see our travel bugs progress:

Travel Bug TB1RKJ0 - Meningitis Awareness #1          Last seen in LaForet, Colorado

Travel Bug TB1RKGB - Meningitis Awareness #2         Last seen near Orlando, Florida

Travel Bug TB1RKJD - Meningitis Awareness #3          Last seen near Cedar Rapids, Iowa


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