Welcome to our Website

Donna and I have created this website in memory of our son, Alex Knutter who lost his life February 24th 2007 to Meningococcal Meningitis.

Our mission is to educate parents about this deadly disease and how to prevent it from devastating another family. 

Please Check back regularly for the latest updates.

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Current News:

August 25th 2012:  Down & Dirty Offroad is having a charity trail ride to promote Meningitis awareness and prevention.  Come join us for a day of fun in the mud!

Go to http://ddoffroad.com for more information

April 12th 2011:  Our youngest Golden Retriever, Desiree passed her evaluation test and is now a registered Therapy Dog with TDI.   Click here to follow Desi's story.

July 23rd 2010We just returned from a trip with Meningitis Angels to Washington DC.  We met with our State Representatives to discuss Meningitis Awareness and Prevention.

April 1st 2010We were professionally videotaped for the launch of a new vaccine called Menveo by Novartis V&D.                 Click here to see the video.